How Did The Camp Fire Start?

PG&E Caused The Camp Fire

So, How Did The Camp Fire Start? This PG&E map of the Camp Fire area, exclusively obtained by the Chico Enterprise Record, underscores the negligence of PG&E. As a result of PG&E complete lack of Best Practices relating to shutoff policies and its decision to keep electricity flowing in advance of the deadly and destructive blaze. Because of this, on November 8, 2018 the Camp fire began eventually destroying almost 14,000 homes, 514 businesses and 4,265 other buildings. It has covered more than 153,000 acres, roughly the size of Chicago. Cal Fire, the state’s forestry and fire protection agency, announced the blaze was completely contained early Sunday, November 25, 2018..

The map, received from a PG&E official by Butte County chief administrative officer Shari McCracken, includes red lines overlaying the towns of Paradise. The red indicates the distribution lines that PG&E had planned to de-energize in advance of high winds and other dangerous fire conditions forecast for the morning of Nov. 8 — a plan the PG&E fatefully and wrongly decided was unnecessary.

The shutoff area shown on the map did not include the high-voltage transmission line that malfunctioned near where the fire first was reported. To avoid payment to the victims, PG&E claims that it has a policy of not cutting power to lines 115,000 volts or higher — but regulators interviewed in the wake of the disaster said there are no state and federal policies that prevent it.

PG&E Fails to De-energize

The map reveals that PG&E did initially consider de-energizing a line near the town of Concow that went out 17 minutes after the first reported fire. A fire reportedly ignited near that line, which our experts beleive feed the deadly Camp Fire on its march through Magalia, Concow and Paradise.

The billions of dollars in property and business losses caused by this outrageous lack of basic understanding of Wild fire risk, now pales in comparison to the loss of life of what will likely be hundreds of residents.

PG&E Passing the Blame

Attorneys, engineers, Wildfire experts are all in agreement that if PG&E has knowledge that there are high risk fire conditions, (it) should probably not restrict itself on what types of lines can or cannot be shut down.

PG&E has attempted to pass blame on the regulating body, the CPCUC. However, CPUC spokeswoman Terrie Prosper also said the decision is up to the individual utility. “Utilities can de-energize whatever lines and voltage they deem appropriate,” Prosper said. “They typically de-energize distribution lines because those lines are more localized than transmission lines.” FERC Spokesman Craig Cano said PG&E would not need its approval to cut power to high-voltage lines for safety reasons. “FERC-approved standards address transmission system reliability and explicitly exclude safety matters, which could be the reason for shutting down a power line in response to wildfires or to mitigate the risk of fires,” he said.

In addition, we believe that we can show that not only did PG&E fail to prevent a known risk by implementing Best Manage Practice which every Utility in the State has had in place since 2005, but PG&E lines themselves where the cause of the fires and Camp Fire in particular.

More Expert Work To Be Done

Ultimately, it is true that the specific mechanism by which PG&E’s caused this tragedy will be determined by Richards Law Firm and other experts, it is clear from the investigation thus completed that PG&E will be held liable for negligence under the burden of proof laws of the civil justice system. In addition, PG&E will be made to pay for the damages under a constitutional law known as Inverse Condemnation which was refined to provide justice in California Wildfires in 2007 by the attorneys like Richards Law Firm who represented the victims of the San Diego Wildfire.

What We Are Doing

Richards Law Firm is aggressively pursuing cases against PG&E for damages caused by the Camp Fire. We provide legal help to the victims of the Camp Fire that experienced loss of property or life. Our support to those who suffered agricultural damage, were underinsured, not insured, or displaced is unparalleled. We are committed to providing the best legal help to the victims of this horrible tragedy. The case results of Richards Law Firm speak for themselves. Join Us, We Will Help You Rebuild.

Why we are doing it

We have broad experience handling wildfire litigation in the 2018 Thomas Fire, 2007 Witch Creek Fire (San Diego) and the 2003 Cedar Creek Fire (San Diego) against San Diego Gas and Electric. Because of this experience, we have honed our skills holding utilities financially responsible for the damages to your home and property. Richards Law Firm is committed to help the victims of this horrible tragedy. The case results Richards Law Firm speak for themselves. Join Us, We Will Help You Rebuild.

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We will

Challenge PG&E negligence, and recover damages based on the non-delegable duty of PG&E to properly operate its powerlines. PG&E failure to, inspect, maintain, repair, manages transformers, and equipment has caused the fire. The utility did not keep trees properly trimmed and at a safe distance to prevent foreseeable fires.

The utility has not kept trees properly trimmed at at a safe distance to prevent foreseeable fires.

You get

Richards Law Firm will get your damages including, all costs to put your structure back to its pre-loss condition, the replacement cost of your personal property. Damage to landscaping and trees, damage to commercial agriculture, damage to trees and vegetation growing naturally on your land will also be covered. Additionally, erosion control costs to vacant land and your emotional distress.

Your cost

We handle cases with no fees until and unless we recover compensation for you. We cover all costs.

Uninsured or underinsured?

If you have no insurance or insurance that did not cover your loss:
– We will recover damages to compensate you for your total loss.

If you have insurance:
– We have found historically you are massively under-insured. Your damages will exceed your policy limits by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our objective is to recover the difference between what you collect and your actual damages.

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Why choose us?

There are large firms who have merged into even larger consortiums handle 100s and 1000s of Camp Fire cases at a time. Richards Law Firm is an actual law firm who knows the name of each of our clients. WE COMMIT TO HANDLING NO MORE THAT 40 CASES PER WILDFIRE. If you sign with the large consortiums, your family will be reduced to an internal file number. At Richards Law Firm we give all our clients personal cell phone numbers.

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